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Friday, January 21, 2011

What does Chardonnay really taste like?

When conducting private wine tasting sessions I sometimes hear people comment ”I don't care for chardonnay” when what they really mean is that they don't care for overly oaked whites.

The majority of chardonnays on the market are fermented in oak with the un-oaked chardonnay being the exception. Because of this, when people think 'CHARDONNAY' they think spicy, smokey, vanilla, and butterscotch. This isn't the grape they are tasting though, it is the oak in which chardonnay is typically fermented.
An unoaked chardonnay has little in common with the often overly oaked Chardonnay.  
A quality crafted un-oaked chardonnay will boast deliciously fruity flavors ranging from apple and
melon in the colder growing regions to luscious tropical fruit flavors such as pineapple in the warmer climates.

I have recently discovered an un-oaked chardonnay blend from The Traveling Vineyard that has been a real hit at my wine tasting sessions.
The Scotto family has masterfully blended 13.7% Marsanne with 86.3% Chardonnay to create a fruity, crisp Chardonnay blend that is full of flavor and intrigue.  The wine went through a cold fermentation (fermented at 52 degrees Fahrenheit) to protect and develop the delicate fruit flavors, and was not aged in oak, but rather was aged sur-lie (on the yeast) to add smoothness, complexity and character.
Fruit flavors evident in this Chardonnay/Marsanne blend include tropical citrus, pineapple, melon, and green apple.  The wine pairs beautifully with shrimp, fish, or Asian cuisine.
I am loving this Scotto chardonnay! If you would like to give it a swirl you can find it at www.myttv.com/freewinetasting

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